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The Gap is a postpartum movement guide for the first 40 days designed to help you gently and intentionally begin healing immediately post baby.

Preview of the Content


  •  Philosophy of Rest
  •  How to Use This Guide
  •  Prevention is Key

Day 1-3

  •  The Muscle Pumps

Day 4-7

  •  Glottis Stretch
  •  Mommy Shark
  •  Closing the Pelvis

Week 2

  •  Rib Breath Expansion
  •  Angel Wings
  •  Connected Breath Work
  •  Bonus Tip
  •  Bonus Rib Mobilization

Week 3

  •  Low Ab Engagement with Band
  •  Dynamic Spine with Abs
  •  Dynamic Hip Mobility
  •  Hip Socket Support
  •  Bonus Ab Mobilization

Week 4

  •  Glute Wake Up Call
  •  Not Your Grandma‚Äôs Clamshell
  •  Bridge with Block and Hip Internal Rotation
  •  Sciatic Nerve Glide
  •  Bonus Neurologic Squat
  •  Bonus Rib Flare/Thrust Correction

Week 5

  •  Elevated Bridge with Band Pull Apart
  •  Side Step with Weight (or baby) Hold
  •  Kneeling Ab with Ball
  •  Ab March with Band

Week 6

  •  Micro Split Lunge with Band
  •  Wall Plank Hip Abduction
  •  Single Leg Bridge Deficit

40 Day Wrap Up

  •  Final message and Last Tips