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The Gap postpartum movement guide gives you everything you need to heal + recover after baby and feel like yourself again.

We've helped thousands of women restore their bodies.

Postpartum recovery is one of the hardest challenges mothers face.

+ There’s so much conflicting information about postpartum recovery. Deciding what works best for you is overwhelming.

+ It’s more confusing than ever to get trusted advice after giving birth.

+ The workouts you used to do don’t feel right anymore and you don’t feel like yourself.

And your options aren't great either...  


+ Creating your own recovery guide: untested, time consuming, no professional input. Not what you want to be focusing your energy on during postpartum 

Buying a different course: We have seen other courses, many have unrealistic expectations about how much time you have to allocate to doing daily movements and have unattainable goals. 

+ Asking your OBGYN, or Midwife: Although they offer advice in this area, physical restoration and prevention is our area of expertise. All to often women are given vague advice like rest until 6 weeks and then return to activity which leads to injury.

Imagine this…you have your baby and instead of being paralysed with fear and worry about your body with unhelpful answers from other sources, you now have the confidence and tools you need to begin feeling like yourself again.

The Gap is here to help you…  

+ Take action now that is gentle and uniquely designed for your postpartum body. 

+ Feel empowered with the knowledge of knowing exactly what movements to do to heal your body. 

+ Take control by implementing the very best and intentional expert advice.


The Gap breaks down...

The steps behind healing your body immediately postpartum: closing the pelvis, restoring brain-body connection, strengthening functionally for motherhood, and many more. It’s all laid out, step by step, in The Gap.


Move from broken to RESTORED in as little as 5-7 min per day from the comfort of your own bed. The Gap offers gentle movements that are tried and true, clear guidance, and the results you long for.

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With The Gap, you get...

+ Step by step guide for returning to movement safely and effectively after baby — even when you have no time.

+ Weekly movement guides that support your unique postpartum womanly physiology-that only take 5 min per day.

+ Intentional weekly goals that are healthy and attainable for your first 40 days postpartum—that feel like they are within reach even when you feel scattered.

The Gap helps you restore your body in the first 40 days after baby and beyond.

Get the guide you need to restore and heal holistically and completely. Feel supported and strong. Follow our movement guide to return to mothering stronger and more connected to your body than before.


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Michelle King, first time mom -

"The Gap program was an incredible resource for me as a first time mom adjusting to postpartum life. I was struggling to figure out how to get back into movement safely, and The Gap gave me the guidance I needed. The exercises were quick and easy to understand, so I never felt overwhelmed incorporating them into my days with a new baby. I have no doubt that this program set me on the path to quicker healing postpartum and I highly recommend it!"

The Gap Promise to You

With The Gap, you get all of this, protected by a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Nothing else comes close.

This guide does not substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please seek professional and individualized medical care from a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment. 

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